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The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the “voice” of the students.  SGA brings forward new initiatives, events and information to the student body.  SGA also serves as a liaison between students and administration to hear student concerns and help implement new ideas.  There are three branches of SGA: Executive Council, House of Representatives, and the Senate.  Through these branches, there are a multitude of positions for student leaders.  You can become a student leader through one or more of these positions. 


SGA provides opportunity, support, funding and guidance to registered all clubs and organizations on campus.  Registered Student Organizations are created by students based on their interests and must maintain a minimum of 8 members.  Monthly General Assembly meetings are held in which new business is discussed and information is shared. 


2017/18 SGA Officers

President- Remington Williams

Vice President-Ben Martin

Vice President of Academic Affairs- Mikayla Dennison

Vice President of Campus Community Affairs- Eddie Lam

Parliamentarian- Alexandra Shearer

Event Planner – Abigael Wheeler

Public Relations – Haleigh Bevins


Contact Us!

The Student Government Association office is on the first floor of Cralle Student Center.  Office hours are posted on the door.  You can also reach us at

SGA Advisor:

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