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is applying for the program at Georgetown College leading to . Thus, it is critically important that we evaluate the individual’s dispositions related to effective teaching prior to entering the teaching profession. The purpose of this evaluation is to evaluate the potential teaching candidate’s dispositions as they relate to our program’s Conceptual Framework.

Based upon your experiences with this individual, please give your honest assessment of his or her dispositions for teaching using the following indicators.

Period of time you have known candidate: In what capacity?

Dispositions relating to Commitment to the Profession and to Students and Families Rating
Displays a strong sense of vocation or mission
Exhibits enthusiasm for teaching and a commitment to learning
Shows patience and persistence
Displays optimism
Takes initiative
Meets high standards in completing work
Meets deadlines and follows through on commitments made to others
Displays exemplary attendance
Accepts feedback on performance and implements suggestions on professional growth needs
Is a critical thinker who reflects on his/her practice
Collaborates effectively with families and colleagues
Values and practices effective, appropriate, responsible, and respectful communication across venues (classroom, email, meetings, etc.) and a variety of media (spoken word, written text, visual graphics, etc.)

Dispositions relating to Appreciation for Diversity Rating
Treats every individual (students, parents, colleagues, members of the community) with dignity and in ways that show they are valued
Is creative, flexible, and persistent in order to support the learning needs of a diverse student population
Approaches different perspectives with an open mind, understands the importance of culture and language, and is culturally responsive in supporting learning

Dispositions relating to Ethical Standards Rating
Is a person of high integrity
Displays responsible behavior
Adheres to the Professional Code of Ethics as established by Kentucky’s Educational Professional Standards Board
Treats others with respect
Demonstrates maturity in behavior and actions
Shows compassion for others
Displays a sense of fairness

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