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We recently started a Show Your Stripes initiative to get as many alumni as possible to share stories about their Georgetown College experience. I hope you received a postcard about this endeavor and will share a memory.

My memories are from my days as a student, a trustee, and most recently as your acting president. It feels as if Georgetown College has always been a part of my life, but the journey actually started in the fall of 1976 when I entered as a freshman. Never did I imagine that I would have the opportunity to serve the place that helped shape me as a person and as a professional in such positions of honor.

As my time as acting president draws to a close, I feel an even stronger admiration for the experience and opportunities Georgetown provides to its students. The students are the reason I give of my time and my financial resources. People generously gave so that I could have “my” Georgetown College experience. I give so that others can come to Georgetown and have “theirs” – an opportunity to learn, to make life-long friends, and to have Christian love, care, and support.

Someone gave for you – will you now give for Georgetown’s current and future students? They need your support. Your gift will fund scholarships, not as an endowment but as a means of providing much needed help to students today. In addition, your gift will show your support for Georgetown College – it will Show Your Stripes.

Our new president, Dr. Dwaine Greene, starts on October 21, 2013. He will provide great leadership, and he needs our support. Let us show him how strong the alumni support is through an overwhelming response to this request. Together, we can set a record for both the rate of our participation and the overall sum.

Georgetown has over 19,000 living alums – I have learned over the years not to be surprised, but rather to expect, to find a Georgetown connection wherever I travel. We are a strong group of alumni. We provide distinctive leadership and service in many fields including business, medicine, law, education, communications, ministry, and the arts.

Will you do your part in creating this positive and new momentum? All gifts – whatever their size – will make a difference and have a voice. Our collective impact will speak volumes and will make a tremendous difference to Georgetown College students.

Thank you for your response and for the opportunity you have given me to serve our great alma mater – Georgetown College.

All the best,

Granetta Blevins

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